Message of the Executive Director of Russian MEMS Association

1asMEMS – is microelectromechanical systems, as a rule, based on a single crystal and being a combination of mechanical and electronic semiconductor structures. MEMS technologies are being used in a wide range of micro devices such as movement (accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc.) and pressure sensors, micro generators, mirrors, microphones, etc. Due to the various construction and usage types, MEMS swiftly enters in our everyday life and is used in cell phones, photo and video cameras, notebooks, vehicles, etc. Moreover the list of its usage is constantly growing.
Development and production of MEMS is one of the potential directions of the innovative development of the world economy, which has significant po-tential for its further development in the nearest future. In connection with this, state registration of the Russian MEMS Association took place in June 2010. The main aim of the Association is a creation of a favorable information field, covering MEMS field, contributing to the effective development of the micro-electromechanical systems in Russia and CIS. I’m sure that by combining our efforts, we’ll be able to give needed acceleration to the modernization of Rus-sia and CIS in this field.
Executive Director, Russian MEMS Association,
Dr.Sc. (Tech) Denis Urmanov