Partners of Association

cov_1 Coventor® , USA, is the leading supplier of software tools and technology solutions intended for design of micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and modeling of semiconductor and MEMS manufacturing processes
new_beanair_logoBeanAir, France, is an innovative maker of WirelessSensor Networks whose excellent products based on IEEE 802.15.4 & GSM/GPRS wireless protocol are present at the advanced applications of embedded measurement, engineering structure & technical building management, industrial process, isolated sites & harsh environment.
vtt_icon_2VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland, is the biggestmultitechnological applied research organization in Northern Europe with a vast experience of over 70 years. VTT’s key activities are bio- and chemical processes, energy, information and communication technologies, industrial systems, microtechnologies and electronics, business and innovative research.
7_ecrimEcri Microelectronics, headquartered in Hefei, AnhuiProvince, China is a major developer and manufacturer of various products engaged in microelectronics and packages from power circuits to industrial furnace equipments.
logoMF_2Cooperation with the foreign partners plays an important role in the process of development of the Russian microsystem industry. Russian MEMS Association pays attention towards it and systematically settles partnership relations with the world leading scientific and manufacturing centers in the field of microelectronics.
In July 2010 Memorandum of understanding in between «Russian MEMS Association» and the leading European  association for the semiconductor, electronic and microsystems - Silicon Saxony e.V. (Germany) was signed.The Association was created in 2000 on the basis of the enterprises, located in the German silicon valley – Saxony region. At the present moment, it comprises 270 organizations, specializing in the field of microelectronics.  Among them there are such wellknown global brands as Infineon,  AMD, ZMD, Fraunhofer ENAS, Siltronic, Süss Microtec, Intega, Siemens, memsfab GmbH, AMAT, Ortner, Thyssen, Philips and others .  Association unite manufacturers and suppliers of microelectronics, R&D establishment and government institutions with the total personnel strength 35000 people. More information about Saxony region you may find in Downloads section
logoMF_3MEMS Industry Forum (MIF) was formed to accelerate industrialization of MEMS/Micro-Nanotechnologies and its secretariat is established in Micromachine
MIF is a global network of MEMS players. It contributes to building up competitive advantages of manufacturing industry through technology development of the next generation MEMS/Nano devices.
- Proposing policies to the government and agencies;
- Implementation of national projects with industry and academic cooperation;
- Improvement of MEMS infrastructure to support industry development;
- MEMS foundry services network;
- Networking with international MEMS and Micro-Nano players;
- Education & Training;
- Promoting business opportunities;
- Micro Nano Open Innovation Centre.