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Russian MEMS Association signed collaboration agreement with Coventor (USA)

Since 2012 Russian MEMS Association has started the cooperation with the U.S. company Coventor -  the leading supplier of software,  developed and designed specially for manufacturers of integrated devices, developers and manufacturers of MEMS, as well as for design centers, which specialize in  implementation of any particular stage of MEMS devices  production for automotive, aerospace,…
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The first MEMS-Accelerometer Made in Russia Was Showcased Abroad

During the Smart Systems Integration-2012 conference held in Zurich, Switzerland, Russian MEMS Association showcased the first biaxial MEMS accelerometer ±30g  made in Russia . The participants were agreeably surprised to see that technical characteristics of the accelerometer were as good as those of their foreign counterparts. Some of the technical parameters were found even surpassing.…
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MEMS FORUM 2013. Applications of MEMS Sensors and Systems!

July 25-26, 2013, Concern CSRI Electroprobor, JSC, St. Petersburg, Russia The third annual MEMS FORUM, held by Russian MEMS Association (RAMEMS) on June 25-26, 2013, in Concern CSRI Elektropribor, St. Petersburg, Russia, featured more sessions and addressed important applications and commercialization issues of the growing MEMS market in Russia. (more…)
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