RAMEMS organized a business tour about the leading MEMS institutions of French Silicon Valley

In January 2013 RAMEMS in cooperation with Sovtest ATE, Russia, organized a business tour for the representatives of Russian businesses about the leading companies and research centres of France as well as a visit to  European 3D TSV Summit ‘On the road towards manufacturing.’ Thematically the tour consisted of three parts, i.e. development, integration and manufacturing. Thus, the business delegates were pleased to learn a lot about the complete high-tech product fabrication process.

The tour started in Grenoble where the participants visited  Minatec Innovation  Campus, Grenoble, a home to 2,400 researchers which is truly an international hub for micro and nanotechnology research, and an outstanding French research-and-technology organizationLeti , an institute of CEA, whose activities are related to energy, IT, healthcare, defence and security sectors and which specializes in nanotechnologies and their applications, from wireless devices and systems, to biology, healthcare and photonics.
The second part of the tour, participation in SEMI Europe’s premier European 3D TSV Summit , Grenoble, was especially remarkable as within two days of the summit a great many of quality presentations  on 3D applications, technologies, testing techniques, etc. were introduced in a jam-packed elaborate program.
It is worth mentioning that both RAMEMS together with the major European research centres such as Imec (Belgium), Fraunhofer IZM (Germany), Leti (France) and STMicroelectronics (Switzerland) were proud to become the sponsors of the event.
The final destination of  the French Silicon Valley tour was the visit to the production facilities of S.E.T. SAS Smart Equipment Technology , the World’s Leading Supplier of High Accuracy Bonders,  located in Saint-Jeoire, France, where the business delegates did not only attend the production area and see the equipment in process but started a discussion of the number of joint projects.

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