Russian MEMS Association and BEanAir, France, Cooperate to Provide Innovative Wireless MEMS Solutions

1 (11)Kursk, Russia - In December 2011, Russian MEMS Association and BeanAir, an ambitious wireless system network maker, established in 2006, France, concluded a cooperation agreement to provide new innovative wireless solutions to the customers all over Russia.

Promotion of brand-new MEMS wireless system networks at Russian market will enable manufacturers and users of various economics sectors such as railway, naval and aeronautics equipment, car making, industrial processes, energy, agriculture, building management, etc., heighten the safety level and reduce production costs.  Moreover, the users of WSN will be able to enjoy a shorter time of  the installation and carry out the measurements of pressure,  vibration, acceleration, temperature, light, etc, at the objects where previously it was not possible to do it due to the impossibility of interference, isolation or at the places of hard access.

Thus, owing to the automatization and simplification of the production processes with BeanAir wireless systems, cooperation between BeanAir and Russian MEMS Association opens new opportunities for Russian industrial sectors.

‘We are thrilled about our relationship with BeanAir. The quality of technology, talented and open-minded people, a keen wish to grow and develop make BeanAir a perfect partner for RAMEMS. Our need to continue the transfer of expertise of foreign partners to develop domestic industry sectors fits well into our partnership with BeanAir,’ said Denis Urmanov, executive director of Russian MEMS Association.

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