Russian MEMS Association is proud to be the first at the domestic market to offer microelectromechanical processes to Russian MEMS players  of electronics, radioelectronics and automotive industries, as well as those MEMS participants engaged in health monitoring of buildings and structures, telecommunications and data communication, safety systems, medicine, environment monitoring and light emission detection.

We offer solutions that are based on study of the Customer's technical requirements, obectives, needs, technical capacity and production facilities. Additionally, development prospects shall be surely considered.

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Russian MEMS Association in partnership with Sovtest ATE  are promoting at Russian market new wireless sensor systems for health monitoring of buildings and structures, environment, energy consumption, and industrial processes monitoring.

•    Low cost;
•    Turn key solution;
•    Possibility of Customer’s personnel training  on WSN operation;
•    No costly and prohibitive wiring;
•    Significant reduction of installation and maintenance costs;
•    Installation without interference in  work or structure integrity;
•    Long autonomous work;
•    Installation in hard-to-reach places which are inaccessible to wired solutions;
•   Rugged, reliable embedded hardware – in case one of the wireless measurement devices fail, data shall be transmitted through the neighboring nodes;
•   Network flexibility – you can relocate measurement devices to new measurement locations, or add new nodes to your network as your application changes or evolves;
•    Small size of the measurement devices.

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