MEMS-Accelerometers ±30g
Wireless Monitoring systems
Inclination Sensors Up To ±30°
Optoelectronic Sensors

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Russian MEMS Association participates in various events in Russia and abroad connected with semiconductor market and micronanosystem topic.

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High-precision small devices

In the course of laborious long-term cooperation with our Russian and foreign partners we formed a range of unique small high-precision devices

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One of the most relevant issues for Russian radio-electronic industry today is adoption of modern technologies of microsystems and semiconductor production.

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Russian MEMS


Consolidation of enterprises and organizations, fulfilling research, manufacturing and consumption of the microelectromechanical systems in order to create an information field about MEMS, providing efficient data exchange both with the internal (Association members) and external (Russian and foreign associations, research institutes, social associations, etc.) partners of the Association. As a result this is to encourage development and manufacture of MEMS in our country and creation of new devices on their basis. It is safe to say that Russian MEMS within the import substitution federal program will be asked-for in such spheres as medicine, navigation, transport (rail, sea, air), agricultural machinery, tool production and process monitoring, automobile production, digital technology.