Major tasks of Russian MEMS Association

The main target:
Consolidation of enterprises and organizations, fulfilling research, manufacturing and consumption of the microelectromechanical systems in order to create a favorable information field covering MEMS, granting efficient data exchange both with the internal (Association members) and with external (Russian and foreign associations, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, etc.) Association partners. Ultimately, this should help to increase the development and manufacture of MEMS in our country. That will lead to appearance of the new MEMS products for the end users. We can say that Russian MEMS will be in demand in such fields as medicine; railway and sea transport; agricultural equipment; tools production and flow control; automobile production and digital technique.
Major tasks:
- provide development of the Russian MEMS-cluster with participation of domestic and foreign enterprises without geographical reference;
- ensure cooperation network in between Russian MEMS developers, manufacturers and consumers and foreign industry associations and enterprises for carrying out of staff trainings, transfer and implementation of the modern technologies of MEMS production on the Russian enterprises;
-  giving efficient exchange information exchange for the Association members and Russian partnership associations and enterprises;
- providing assistance for the Russian MEMS developers, manufacturers and consumers in search of the Russian and foreign partners for the realization of the joint projects, in-house design promotion, attraction of investors, etc.