Technology transfer

One of the most relevant issues for Russian radio-electronic industry today is adoption of modern technologies of microsystems and semiconductor production. There is a popular opinion that the major task for an enterprise is to purchase equipment but questions about development of smart devices production technology is put away for later or ignored by many directors.

The approach indicated above results in investing big money in the equipment and many years solving questions such as what to produce on the equipment, what technology of microsystem production to use, how to market the products and so on. During this time the equipment goes out of date, loses some of the functions because of downtime, demands big amounts of money to support the minimal functionality, etc. As a result, it is quite difficult (or impossible) for an enterprise to show a significant result (a developed production technology, a prototype of a new device, etc.).

Having many years’ international experience we help our customers to avoid many mistakes connected with the development and start-up of new MEMS-devices production. Within a project realization we study the whole chain of MEMS creation — from an idea to prototyping and production. In the meanwhile such aspects as MEMS modeling software, design cycle and technique, finite elements method, finite elements analysis, mask fabrication and tapeout procedure, design rule checking, packaging, testing, analysis of qualification tests results, failure causes and other questions are investigated.

We emphasize that for successful production design of microsystems engineering it’s very important to preliminarily proceed from:

  • Product market analysis;
  • Technology and patent analysis;
  • Specifications of high-tech devices in demand;
  • The concept of development of the selected devices production techniques and proof of R&D necessity for manufacturing application;
  • Planning of probation period and training for the staff at the new production plant;
  • Preliminary cost estimation of creating the new production and estimation of its cost efficiency;
  • Other initial information.

In the course of discussing the indicated issues questions about production equipment are also solved. But the selection of it to a large extent depends on the kind of the products manufactured, the selected technique and engineering process, production volume, etc.

Such an approach allows the customer to develop modern semiconductor production at their enterprise within the shortest possible time and guarantees the successful result — modern high-tech MEMS production, producing high quality electronic component base for Russian and other needs.

More detailed information about some stages of Microsystems technology introduction is given in the subsections of this site section.

In case of your interest in cooperation we will be pleased to help you with an interesting project realization and high-tech production creation at your enterprise.

To start working on the project you are interested in, please, send a request to indicating the topic, your contact information and contact information of your enterprise. After that a RAMEMS representative will contact you to discuss the further details of cooperation.