The Russian MEMS Forum 2011: MEMS – Current Trends and Production Technologies

mems_logo_enRussian MEMS Association is grateful to all the speakers, sponsors and delegates for their contributions to the 1st  annual Russian MEMS Forum in 2011!

We are pleased to say that the 1st annual Russian MEMS Forum hosted more than 120 attendees from 60 enterprises. The Russian MEMS Forum was held on April 19, 2011, in Moscow. It was attended by MEMS manufacturers, customers, developers and researchers from Russia, the countries of CIS, Finland, Belgium and the USA.  We are proud to say that the 1st Russian MEMS Forum has become an important benchmark for Russian MEMS industry development.

During an intensive programme, presentations were given on Russian MEMS industry leaders' developments, experience and plans, by Irina Popova, CEO (OAO Girooptika), Ivan Barmashov, Microelectronics Equipment Manager (OOO Sovtest ATE), Sergei Timoshenkov, Head of Microelectronics Chair (National Research University Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology) and over 15 other speakers.

The Forum was proud to host representatives of  global MEMS industry from KBTEM-OMO (the Republic of Belarus), IMEC(Belgium), VTT (Finland) and other countries.

All presentations and discussions raised keen interest with all the participants. At the breaks demos of the devices, whose outstanding operation is based on MEMS, gathered all attendees around. At the Forum the guests had a wonderful opportunity to make contacts, meet colleagues engaged in various sectors of MEMS industry, gain new experience, exchange ideas and discuss the ways of the future cooperation.

Russian MEMS Association is a very young company which was established just last year. This year we are proud to see that the Association fully justifies the efforts of its establishment. Today it collaborates with global major research institutes and laboratories and supports the interaction of MEMS industry players. Denis Urmanov said that "Today Russian MEMS Association" is an integrate part of development and promotion of the latest technologies throughout Russia and CIS countries which is proved by the number of the Forum attendees which has increased comparing to the last year's conference by 10 times.

The 1st Russian MEMS Forum's delegates expressed their appreciation of the Association's activities and were interested in coming to the Russian MEMS Forum 2012:

"One of the best features of the Forum is a possibility to make new contacts and learn about new developments both in Russia and globally" – Vyacheslav Berseniev, Design Manager, OAO Agat

"If we coordinate all our actions, we are bound to succeed"- Vyacheslav Minaev, Leading Researcher, OAO Angstrem

"MEMS is the future of electronics"- Vladimir Ermolov, VTT Research and Technical Centre of Finland

"I am happy that such events as the Russian MEMS Forum exist, as today one can find MEMS in electronics, medicine, practically everywhere. Microelectromechanical systems enable us to fund effective solutions. Therefore free cooperation and experience exchange are of prior importance"- Vladimir Leonov, IMEC.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, MEMS market and industry will be growing in the coming years, therefore making the need for global communication of the players even more important.

Bearing all this in mind, we hope to see you at the annual Russian MEMS Forum in 2012!

Russian MEMS Association wishes everyone in the MEMS industry a very successful year!

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