Russian MEMS Association Addressed the Parliament Proceedings

theme_state_dumaOn April 18, 2011, Russian MEMS Association represented by Dr. Denis Urmanov, the Executive Director, took part in the Parliament proceedings on Legislative Support of Electronics Industry Development  which were held at the State Duma, the lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia.

The event was organized by the State Duma Committee on Industry to study motions on the improvements of the Federal Legislation, which regulates the industry activities, and discuss important issues of electronics development in Russia.


Today electronics engineering is a high-tech economics sector whose development level sufficiently defines economic and technological development of the state. However, despite a high growth, the total amount of electronic products made in Russia remains quite low. According to the experts’ calculations, at the global electronics market, Russian manufacturers have rather a  modest share.

To increase the industry output, the RF government has started to implement a number of programs, the most ambitious are “Russian politics basics aimed at the development of electronic components for 2010 and further perspective” and “Development of electronic components and radio electronics for 2008 - 2015”. These are significant but fragmentary actions that will not break the current trends when Russian manufacturers are going behind the global electronics industry players.


In connection to this, a successive program to regulate domestic market, give a boost to electronic component demand, support development of the leading-edge products and production technologies, gear up reequipment of the facilities, solve materials supply issues and top up the qualifications of human resources should be worked out to change the industry face audibly.

Taking up the spirit of making the change, Dr. Denis Urmanov made a number of motions which addressed the concerns of the electronics development in Russia.

To distinctively activate the manufacturing of high-tech electronic products in Russia by small and mid-sized businesses, the adoption of the Federal Law on Innovative Activities in the Russian Federation should be speeded up. Equally important it is to work out a substantial governmental program of grants for the developers of science-driven ambitious innovative projects. Dr. Urmanov said that it is also essential to carry tax and loan preferences for them. Moreover, high-tech project developments that involve small and mid-sized businesses should be financed through special-purpose governmental programs. Finally, according to the Russian MEMS Association speaker, top important it is to implement brand-new foreign electronic production technologies at Russian manufacturing facilities whose products shall, undoubtedly, be highly applied in aviation, transport, shipbuilding and navigation and other industries, and significantly increase domestic sales.

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