Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC

logo_elecConcern Central Scientific and Research Institute Elektropribor, JSC
(State Research Center of the Russian Federation)

Address: 30, Malaya Posadskaya St., Saint Petersburg, 197046, Russia.
Tel. 7(812) 499 81 81
Fax 7(812) 232 33 76

Concern CSRI Elektropribor was started as an electric meters plant Elektropribor founded in Leningrad on November 19, 1927. In 1929 the naval division of plant Elektropribor was established. Since then Elektropribor has developed fire control devices for the shipboard artillery and gyroscopic devices for the navy and aviation. In 2009 the institute got its current name. In 1994 Elektropribor obtained the status of the State Research Center of the Russian Federation.

Elektropribor is the leading Russian institute in the field of high-precision navigation, gyroscopy, gravimetry, and submarine optoelectronics, also involved in development and production of marine radio communication and hydroacoustic systems. It completes a full cycle of work, from fundamental research and investigations to manufacturing and in-service follow-up of its products: inertial navigation complexes for submarines and surface ships; inertial navigation and stabilization systems for surface ships; periscopes and optronic masts; miniature integrated inertial satellite navigation systems for marine and ground applications; MEMS gyros and inertial control modules for highly dynamic vehicles; navigation aids (logs, echo sounders, magnetic compasses); mobile gravimeters (marine and airborne); hydroacoustic systems for conventional submarines; microacceleration measurement systems for spacecraft; spacecraft attitude reference systems; automated shipborne radio communication systems; shipborne antenna and feeder assemblies and communication switching devices; universal bottomhole telemetry systems; sensors for inertial systems; components for precision electric drives and digital gearless servo systems. The main products are of the highest world standards.

Elektropribor comprises the R&D centers for navigation, communication (Svyazmorproekt Design Bureau), and hydroacoustics, three pilot production plants, and a test center with specialized test benches for celestial radio-optical, gravimetric, and magnetic systems. Elektropribor has three branches: in Leningrad region (in the town of Gatchina and in settlement Lebyazhye), and in Moscow.

Concern CSRI Elektropribor, JSC develops and manufactures products of strategic importance to support defense capacity and enhance national security, and is a strategic enterprise of the military-industrial complex.