Precision single-axis MEMS gyroscope



  • gyrostabilized platform;
  • industrial electronics;
  • medicine;
  • rail transport
  • power engineering
  • space;
  • civil aviation;
  • oilfield equipment;
  • automobile engineering;
  • shipbuilding.
Parameter Value

Measurement range

Scale Factor Nonlinearity



Operating temperature

Shock resistance

Bias instability


Power supply

± 499 °/s

< 500* ppm (*from raw Data)

120 Hz

< 50 °/h

-40…+85   °C

50 g

< 10 °/h

< 1°/√h


The MEMS gyroscopes allow for flexible customization to fit your individual application requirements. We provide innovative, integrated expertise in the field of gyroscopes. Our industry expertise encompasses medical and industrial applications, the aerospace sector, mobility and security solutions. We offer a technology platform to fabricate precise inertial sensors for navigation, condition monitoring or geoengineering.

Benefits of the product

  • Ultra-low cross axis sensitivity
  • Thin-film free mechanical components, single crystal silicon based
  • Minimizing of parasitic capacitances
  • Complete dry processing
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Large signal-to-noise ratio
  • Mechanical over-damped to reduce parasitic signals
  • Customer specific measurement ranges due to flexible adjustment of mass, spring and damping
  • High stability
  • Low VRW
  • High bandwidth.