Precision two-axis MEMS inclinometer ±30º



Designed to measure angles in the range of ±30º.

Two independent axes measurement is carried out with a small nonlinearity in the whole measurement range.

Inclinometer provides high repeatability and stability.

2017-05-18_10h19_58Area of application: buildings technical condition monitoring (leaning angles measurement), automobile engineering and shipbuilding, aerospace products, security systems for railways, shipbuilding, security systems, oil and gas industry, stabilization systems, etc.

Advantages: high accuracy, small dimensions, low power consumption, high reliability and wide area of application.

Main elements of inclinometer

  • MEMS-sensor combined with high-precision capacitance-to-digital converter (ASIC);
  • high-precision power supply module for MEMS
  • sensor (3,3 V) and converter (1,65 V);
  • low-power microcontroller providing interface through serial port;
  • USB-serial converter.