Training programs, internships

One of the Association activities is various MEMS training programs and foreign internships organizing. We are ready to discuss different possibilities of our cooperation with foreign partners (microelectronic associations, institutes and others). Within the frame of international collaboration we are interested in:

1. Organization of development and realization of MEMS academic programs for the specialists of the Russian enterprises;
2. Organization of MEMS seminars and training with the participation of the Russian and foreign representatives (both in Russia and Europe);
3. Organization of specialized trainings for enterprises staff, businessmen and students on the leading European enterprises, producing microelectromechani-cal systems;
4. Assistance in selection of the foreign specialists for their work on the Russian enterprises and  vice-versa;
5. Participation in the Russian and foreign events (MEMS seminars, exhibitions, forums, etc.);
6. Organization of the Russian specialists’ delegation visits to the foreign forums, exhibitions, etc. in the name of Association;
7. Development and realization of the joint MEMS projects together with its Russian and foreign partners;
8. Support lending to the Russian investors in their search of the foreign partners for the realization of joint projects in the field of microelectromechanical technology;
9. Support lending to the foreign investors in their search of the Russian partners for the realization of the joint MEMS projects;
10.  Organization of the Russian specialists delegation visits to the foreign enterprises (scientific institutions) working in the field of semiconductor, elec-tronic and microeletromechanical industries.

You can address all of your questions on international cooperation to Association Executive Director Dr. Denis Urmanov: .

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